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released December 3, 2013

recorded and mixed by Adam Smith.
Columbus Discount & Mus*i*col.
Columbus, Ohio.

Davey Highben: guitars and words
Mat Bisaro: drum
Fred Pfening: bass
Adam Smith: Oscillating Feedback Network.



all rights reserved


The Altered States of The United Snakes Columbus, Ohio

Avatars of chaos act as spies, saboteurs, criminals of amour fou, neither selfless nor selfish, accessible as children, mannered as barbarians, chafed with obsessions, unemployed, sensually deranged, wolfangels, mirrors for contemplation, eyes like flowers, pirates of all signs & meanings. ... more

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Track Name: Dead Mediums
they don't take the time to explain
all those riddles and rhymes that they've displaced today
but i hope you find your way
through all those mysteries still left unknown
there will never be anywhere that I can call home
society has won
and looking down we miss all that is new
i'm setting sail on my confusion trail
thorn door screens
slips over blue jeans

so i'll pack my bags and i'll say goodbye
but i won't turn around and you won't see me cry
that's a different page
with tragedy and rage
and ghost stories of your old maids
Track Name: Kuru
help them their sinking won't somebody come and rescue them
help me i'm sinking i don't know what you're thinking right now.

but someway somehow will find a way and make it okay.
Track Name: Magic Shows
did all that just happened in my mind
really just happen in this mind
searching for clever words
metered and rhymed
i think this man-child may have it this time
but wait. stop. i don't know
i so practiced this art of letting go
its happened so many times now
i just don't know
time to sever these emotions that hold us in tow
and yes i know
i love you too
but that's not enough to see this through
freedom is just a word
but it's a word i want to know
hola my love it's time to go

fantasies, abstractions,
and the waste they leave behind
I still looking for a tiny peace of mind
there was blood in the air
and the gods talked through me
i never signed on for your sympathy
waging private wars
my psycho riot
and i love the hours when the whole world is quiet
and i know i know i know i know i know
and i know i know i know i know
Track Name: the selfish shellfish
this time down the cycle is not round
yet it is rather incomplete
and you're so neat
wearing your manufactured grief
on your back but not for you
just for the fact that
they may be right
but we are living proof that they are not right.

we will live backwards until someday
when everyone will squint their pretty eyes
and try and say that they were there
when we screamed bye without a care
the selfish shellfish
washed ashore tonight.

nothing seems real when you don't know how to feel.